.​.​.​The Dissection of Christ

by Torn The Fuck Apart

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    Released 04/12/2012

    1) God's Blood Turned Black
    2) Father of Filth
    3) ...The Dissection of Christ
    4) Our Serpent Savior
    5) Bashed in Prophets
    6) Purgatorium (Instrumental)
    7) Dead Religion
    8) Decapitated Disciples
    9) Crucifixion Infection
    10) Angels Decayed in Dust

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released April 14, 2012

Jeremy Langner - Vocals
Michael Langner - Guitar/Vocals/Samples
Nick Yeates - Guitar
Brandon Mitchell - Bass
Jake Page - Drums

Recorded, Mixed and Mastered By: CL Wilson
Album Artwork and Layout by: Scott Manley

Copyright © 2012 Torn The Fuck Apart



all rights reserved


Torn The Fuck Apart Olathe, Kansas

Since the formation of Kansas City’s Torn The Fuck Apart in late 2004 the band has released two studio albums, 2012's "...The Dissection of Christ" and "Sexually Transmitted Torture" which was released in 2014 on Ossuary Industries. Keep checking out Torn The Fuck Apart online for news and to see when you can catch them devastate a stage near you! ... more

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Track Name: God's Blood Turned Black
God a fake
The killer of all
A fuckin joke
He died at the stake
He cares not the least
He hides his horns
And quietly unleashes the beast
The disease that he spreads
To poison our heads
He is the plague
The cancerous infection
To these that pray
Fooled by a fool
God’s blood is black
The evil Is fuel
Think to yourselves
Why in this world
Is there so much hate
He thrives on the torture
You want to kill
He says fuck it why wait
With so many crimes
And they say
Gods controls all the minds
He makes killers
Do what they do
A hidden murder
He rapes them though you
A coward a cheat
Fuck you I’ll be damned
If I bow at his feet
He never is seen
He never is heard
I’ll kill anyone
Who comes to me
Speaking his word
The religion you started
comes from you killing your son
Someone writes a book
To justify what you have done
A conspiracy a cover up
To hide the life
That you have fucked up
Never will I follow
Or become one of your weak
Your blood is blacker than mine
Now defend your lies you speak
Track Name: Father of Filth
By the cross
In the house (of god)
Virginity is lost
Behind curtains
Little kids become victims
Assholes are spread
Force fed cocks
Are rammed in their head
Blood tears of rape
Got them tied up
With fucking duct tape
A gag
In the mouth
Guts are fucked out
Turned inside out
Their thoughts in their mind
Is fucking
Every child
Molesting the young
Is how they
Have their fun
The asses
Until they have cum
In the church
Bend over
Oh yes
This will hurt
A holy book
They hide behind
Little kids
Always on the mind
Tied up
And fucked
With such pain
Those are the acts
In Gods' name
Track Name: ...The Dissection of Christ
Stained glass windows
House of truth
Prisoning minds
Of misled youth
Strapped to the alter
Lies, lies one after another
The father of religion
Is the reason to begin your mutilation
Choking up blood
For you I never loved
His chest so pure while with life
You taught me to hate
I rape with a knife
Just the skin first
Peel with precision
An open holy chest
I sit and examine
Crack the ribs
Pull out his plate
Fuck the cross
For I am your fate

The nails hold back
His arms
His Legs
The silent prayers
Are unholy begs
The guts
Cut them apart
The thorns on his head
They hold them as art
Intestines stretched
The lord’s chest
Viciously wretched

All that’s left
Cut up the head
The hair burned
Eyes in his head
Now they are turned

The dissection of Christ
Cut and crack the skull

For all your pain
What I give
Is what you got
A scattered body
Jesus Christ
Lying in a church

All the lies you preached
You suffer
Were never reached
Track Name: Our Serpent Savior
Slit of the tongue
Suffering since you were young
Serpent with scales
To be hung with nails
Stay at the bottom
Witness it all
Never look above
For it is
Too far to fall
The blood runs cold
No reason to care
Do as you want
That is gods dare
To have no sight
Think not to disbelieve
Open your eyes
Though the light
The darkness you see
No crosses
No bibles to read
Stand up tall
Never pray on your knees
This cryptic stench
Dust off the disciples
Blow away
Winds of the abyss
Blow away
God’s world
Ruins of decay
Brought down to dust
Now alone
Admitting his power is gone
Say a prayer
Words to the nothing
All silent
A snake into man
Place the knife
In Christ’s hand
Preached on a throne
God has taken
So many lives
Now it’s time
The lord
Takes his own
Track Name: Bashed In Prophets
A group of people
Labeled with a title
Prophets they’re called
Their words come out vile
On how we should be
To follow the words
Means to never be free
Be kind to all man
And that shall not kill
Pray with these lies
Your blood will be spilled
Believe what we learn not what we hear
The light will fade
The darkness pure
Truth was bought
With wine and bread
Trusted one man
Soon they were dead
Fuck the commandments
Words to be damned with
Truth is what we see
What we can touch
2219 pages of lies
Enough is enough
Burn and smolder to ash
With our power
These prophets we bash
Straight to the face
Our power is our own
Through these eyes
Evil shall roam
We live in a time
Where suffering is real
Anger may haunt
A life we steal
The times are different
Meaning not the same
Fuck all your words
To believe brings pain
We believe to what is written
Know of these words
Start a hold infection
In the truth
Not the prophet’s reflection
Track Name: Dead Religion
Thousands of years
Prayers all of the same
Fuck Jesus Christ
Told to never
Use his name in vain
To live by the lie
No freedom of speech
Never ask why
All words
From the past
Believe in gods words
Or suffer his wrath
From the start
We are taught wrong
Those days
Live by the cross
Now have all gone
Look around
The hope is gone
Get up off your knees
No resurrection
No souls will be raised
Fuck lies
You lived out
All of your days
Always wanting more
A disappointment
To find out
No savior
At gods door
No angels
Will guide you to light
You believe in one man
Serves you the fuck right
Trust in yourself
Make your own rules
Ask forgiveness from
A god
An ongoing question
Asked by the fools
Religion is dead
By the undead

At his resurrection
The thorn in his head

This word
Needs to be laid to rest

Destroyed by me
Against this god
Look me in the eye
Man to man
Your voice
God’s way
Is no longer
Your choice
Track Name: Decapitated Disciples
Fucked up
Tied up
Ropes begin to cut
Blood now showing
Disciples of Christ
Not knowing
Blades on the table
One for each member
Twelve priests for me
To dismember
His head
Need to be
Chopped off the spine
Walk up to him
Hands and legs
So tight with the bind
A cross
Your religion is done
Head on the floor
Fuck it
Followed by four more
Seven left
Five headless
Though the gag
Mumbled prayers
Welcome to my world
Hollowed cries
Christ and followers
The ones I despise
Two in a row
With one blow
Two more on the floor
A pause
A break from my sin
I open a bible
Then start reading
All from the past
Throw it to the floor
Used up folklore
Now to the weak
Pull his head back
A tear and a snap
A blade though the neck
His body is shaking
Sudden heart attack
Four left
The next one is old
Important man in time
Decapitated the head
Severed right of the spine
Their group began it started with twelve
To focus on beliefs
Which they fucking upheld
A fucking disgust
People live this way
To go to heaven
You must vive as such
Fuck you
Fuck them
Fuck god
That is my hymn
Walk up to two
One on each side
My hands on their necks
Think to yourselves
What would come next
Struggle mother fucker, struggle
Fingers force through the skin
Collapsed windpipe
Air growing thin
Back and forth with each wrist
The heads are removed
With no fucking resist(acne)
One is left
The last on the list
He sits in shame
His life all that is around
Look around
If this is his
What a fucking mess
In god’s name
I ask you
Is what he has shown you
His best
You fool
believe in your eyes
Look straight forward
And not to the skies
Track Name: Crucifixion Infection
Disease spread so deep
Across the land like hells heat
Ancient times
Brainwashed minds
Died on a cross
To save mankind
Fucking religion
A waste of
World’s time
And bleed from the eyes
This is the cause
That created
World’s demise
Rotted cries
Another way of saying
Holy lies
One man died
And he’s considered
A legend
Of misdirection
All that believe
Will die
From the infection
Society is at its limit
One more
Amen will cause even the
Died for our sins
Fuck you
Enter the soul
You have not set in
For his kinds
Slaves of his mind
Live by the dream
Murder and rape
But still
No angels are seen
Preach out the worlds
He will save us all
Fucked up beliefs
That is not yours to call
No hope
No life will be saved
These thoughts
Will soon come
At the end
Rotting in your grave
No second coming of god
No dead will arise
Fuck you
Open your eyes
A cross and a bible
A played out disguise
The coming of death
Where will you hide Christ is denied
Track Name: Angels Decayed in Dust
A place where words
Are spoken sweet
To cover up torment
Admitting defeat
Saviors with wings
Will save humans beings

Guided by light
Their halos are
Burning bright
Inject the plague
Their souls
They beg

Feeling pain
Kill the slaves
Who serve
God’s name

Steal his soul
Fuck God’s fate
Serpents of light
Demons in white
Now they
Take flight

The fire
The flame
The one thing he knows
Who must take blame
God’s religion
Holy suffocation

They fade
Turn to dust
All around
All of God’s creatures
Fall to the ground
Worlds of infection
Holy scriptures
No misdirection
Angels into dust
Only the weak
Will fall for
God’s trust
Are made
From Humans
That have betrayed
Seekers from heaven
None of our sins
Are ever forgiven

These are demons
Up high
Torment the mind
To live out God’s lie
Spirits released
From the sky
One less angel
Nor more God’s spy

Crippled by the cross
Believe in his fate
Your life is what is cost
Another soul

The Plague
Now flies
Through the night
The horde
Now damned from the light
Purity from black
Once turned to dust
They can never go back

Realizing this is eternal
Millions of angels
Living nocturnal
Adapting to ways
Created by chaos
Through all of
World’s days

All of the land
With so many angels
The dust turns to sand
Breathe in
Hells wind
God is too late

Valley of the dead
Hundreds of men

Turned to dust
Their gift from god
Payment for trust
Now hatred
Unholy disgust

Humans beware
Never cared
Fall from the sky
God’s word
Now dies

This is their eternity
Force fed lies
Angels set free
Religion falls
From the sky