Sexually Transmitted Torture

by Torn The Fuck Apart

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Zlata Bought this album on a whim after having the band recommended to me. Glad I did, since I am HOOKED. Where to begin? There's layers of technical prowess in here, melody scattered throughout, but I think this album really shines when it gets to some of its guitar work (which at times is breatakingly beautiful) and groove. Not normally my style, but I highly enjoyed it. Truly a gem of an album. I want more! Favorite track: Inserted Vaginal Castration Device.
Elereth thumbnail
Elereth Incredible. Haven't stopped listening since I bought it. Only thing that bothers me is that there isn't a shirt with the album artwork of Sexually Transmitted Torture. I fucking need it! Favorite track: Autopsy of a Cunt.
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released June 13, 2014

Michael Langner - Guitar/Vocals/Samples
Nick Yeates - Guitar
Brandon Mitchell - Bass
Jake Page - Drums

Recorded at: Hammerfarm Studios (Lawrence, KS)
Mixed and Engineered by: Adam Mitchell
Mastered by: John Script at Massive Mastering
Produced and Written by: Torn The Fuck Apart
Album Artwork: Karl Dahmer

Copyright © 2014 Torn The Fuck Apart and Ossuary Industries



all rights reserved


Torn The Fuck Apart Olathe, Kansas

Since the formation of Kansas City’s Torn The Fuck Apart in late 2004 the band has released two studio albums, 2012's "...The Dissection of Christ" and "Sexually Transmitted Torture" which was released in 2014 on Ossuary Industries. Keep checking out Torn The Fuck Apart online for news and to see when you can catch them devastate a stage near you! ... more

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Track Name: I Can't Believe She Got in the Van With Me
Rape kit under the front seat
Cruising around the city streets
Looking for a victim
Obsession with flesh

Weakness found
Kindness exploited
Hit the ground
Mouth bound
And gagged

Zip tied wrapped in gaffers tape
Box knife and a taste for rape
Zip tied wrapped in gaffer tape

I can’t believe she got in

Panty hose used for a mask
Parts dismembered left for trash
All tools cleaned back in to place
Wearing your skin on my face
Your soul is weak
The skin is fresh
Your hole I seek
Fucked to pieces

Eyes, drilled out and cleaned
Readied for me, get vaseline

Hammer cracking bones
Hacksaw severs clean

Wanton lust has taken control of me

Tossed in the river
They’ll never find you
Nothing of left of you
You’re not the last that I’ll kill
Track Name: Autopsy of a Cunt
You lay
Gutted, skinned, and mangled
Jugular arteries leaks
A unpleasant reek

Her body so cold to the feel
Grab a scalpel and start to peel
Inside still warm

Rectal passage torn
Anal muscles split
Evacuating bowels
Boots covered in shit

I lacerate and shred
From her anus
To her head

Once alive now dead never meant to hurt her
Just to give the give the gift of murder

Cut the bitch
Watch her bleed
Cut her slow
Watch her bleed

Cut her slow
Skin her alive
My cock
Still hard
Want to
Fuck cunt
She’s dead
Just right
Just look
Blood red

Hacking organs
Watching your eyes
Watching the light
Fade as you
Track Name: Digested Genitalia
A slut
A man
My lunch eat every bit of it
So good I want more of this

Close to cum
Not done yet
Not dead yet

Blowing the - Organs slow
Watching the - Blood flow
Cook it slow - Slut stew
Balls and chode - Barbecue

Nothing left
All gone
Cut up
Thrown on
My grill
I get
My fill

Ripping hair out
Knuckles turned white
Peeling your flesh
With every bite

Maggots begin to crawl on your flesh
Blood is everywhere, rotting pieces
Psychotic ecstasy, your misery

Cut his cock
Eat her vag

Tortured then left to die
First skinned and seasoned right
Sexual organs are mine

Blood covered shit covers the walls
Cut up anus
Blood covered shit covers the walls

Cut up
Cooked slow
Stomach stuffed
I’m full

Ass digested
Tits digested
Balls digested
Vag digested
All digested
Track Name: 55 Gallon Crypt
I take the bodies with me
The sordid task complete
Disposal of the victim
My work is all complete
Limbs severed, chopped and bagged
My sordid work is done
I have the bodies with me
A job well done

Entry - Gate lifts - Inside - Your crypt
55 Gallon Crypt - Your new home - In this crypt

Handcart - Procession
to your - Your new home
NO fan fair
NO mourners
NO graveside - YOUR NEW HOME

End of the line - It’s storage time

Victim your fate is sealed
Wheeled in this storage place

Barrel - the lid is seal
Collected human waste

Nothing left - Wiped clean
Evidence - Nothing

You - Can’t - Stop - Me
Try - And - Catch - Me
I - Won’t - Be - Stopped
Until - I’m - Caught

A nameless, lifeless corpse...left to rot - decompose
Reduce to human soup, inside a plastic tomb

Sealed for freshness - You can’t escape

Collection never complete - Always a vacancy
End of the line
It’s storage time

Always room for one more - turn key/unlock the door
I’ll find a cozy space - your final resting place
Track Name: Sulfuric Seman Skank Dunk Tank
Dip that bitch in

Gasping for air
To god you pray
Feeling your life
Slip away
Eyes popping out
Face melting off

Gasping for air
Looking for help

Dip - in slow feel - the burn
The - meaning of - pain learned
Smell - the putrid stench - of flesh
As - it burns you to - your death

Screams fill the air
Smells of burnt hair

The aftermath - so fucking sick
Bloody pus oozes - from my dick

It must end here
Gasping for air

What took months - months to fill
Only took sec - seconds to kill

What took months to fill
Took seconds to kill
A hot piece of ass
Now turned into gas
Track Name: Skinned and Sodomized
Cut to the bone
Watching her scream
Tide from limb to limb
It must begin
Blood on my cock
Gutted from within
Cut from head to toe
Wear the skin

This won’t be quick
This pain will last
A slice of my knife
A slip of my dick

Rooms covered in blood
Every hole has been fuck
Down to her last breath
Choking on semen

Skinned - And Sodomized

Every hole
Has been fucked


That stupid bitch
Track Name: Sexually Transmitted Torture
Stalking victims
Before I kill
Watching far
Love the thrill

Once you are mine
Bound - tortured - gagged
For them a life
A body bag
Drill holes in skin
Grab your body
You scream louder
Stick my dick in

Forced to fuck my knife
You beg me to end your life
Forced to fuck my knife

Scream for me
Cry for me
Bleed for me
Die for me


The urge to force my knife through your skin
Inserted again and again

Now dead
On floor
My work
Is done
I’ve had
My fun

The screams
Still haunt me
I can't
Of the time
I’ve had
This whore
Track Name: Inserted Vaginal Castration Device
A machine built - to end my pain
To end the beating - I fell no shame

Stick in
More victims left - more clients must die
Say goodbye

This machine twists and grinds slicing your dick
This machine will end your life as a man

I love to feel you bleed
Grind up your dick in me

Bloody chucks of putrid dicks
Splattered pieces all over my tits
This machine has set me free
From all the men that ravaged me

Muscles no match
Devoid of nads
Cock hate machine
Severs it clean
Dickless victim
Of my weapon
The one eyed snake
Has met its fate

Cock castration
Null penetration